HUG means “to care for, be fond of” in old norse. And we all know the meaning in English. Our premium multifunctional furniture – cradle / bassinet / table / storage unit, will savor the magical first moments when you first bring home your newborn baby – and multiply this joyous feeling through generations.

The everlasting HUG is the furniture we longed for when our babies were first born. A cradle or bassinet that will be a part of our life forever.

HUG is designed by Christine E. Sveen, and the first sketches were created back in 2013. We spent quite some time finding the right partners to make the first prototype and the zero production. Partners that are proud of their work, and that understood our vision of qulity and longivity. We’re immensely proud of having HUG produced locally in Europe. The base or cradle is made in Germany of FSC certified beech wood. The powder coated steel sledges and pegs are made in Denmark, as well as the OEKO-TEXT certified mattress.

The HUG cradle has been designed with a forward swinging motion. According to research of the brain’s interpretation of sensory input, forward rocking motion is the most comfortable and soothing motion for the baby.*


HUG cradle is available in black, white or walnut, with black or white sledges or pegs. If you want to make the transition to a table or storage unit, you have the choice of a black or white lid / table top.

We’re currently selling our ZERO production. Contact me for more info.


* © 2000-2008, BrainU, University of Minnesota Department of Neuroscience in collaboraon with the Science Museum of Minnesota. SEPA(Science Educaon Partnership Award) Supported by the Naonal Center for Research Resources, a part of the Naonal Instutes of Health.